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What to Eat at the Picnic

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Have you found yourself at a cookout recently, looking at all the food and wondering what you should eat for your dosha? It can be really confusing. I thought I'd give you a little scenario that might help give some insight into how you want to be thinking when it comes to indulging safely (aka comfortably).

Here's the senario...

You're going to a summer/Labor Day picnic. It's a hot, sunny, and humid day.

The table is crammed dish-to-dish with the following:

Hamburgers/hot dogs

Pasta salad

Cucumber salad,

Deviled eggs,

fruit salad

Mini sandwiches

Potato salad

Macaroni and cheese

Green salad

Fresh corn-on-the-cob



and your Aunt Millie's famous ice cream cake

The coolers are filled with soda, beer, seltzer water, water, and lemonade.

YOU WANT IT ALL but you don't want to have heartburn, indigestion and bloating after, but you'e going to exercise the Ayurvedic principal "20% of the time eat what you want" rule.

Here are my recommendations for ALL dosha types

*Avoid eating anything processed or out of a bag. You want to enjoy the home-cooked and fresh food.

  • Begin by grabbing a water. If you can find a lime definitely add that in. This will immediately cool you down and fill your belly a bit so you don't over eat.

  • AVOID CARBONATION! This will introduce air into your intestines and cause a lot of bloating and gas particularly for VATAS and even more so if you tend to talk a lot :)

  • You're starving now (a good sign!) If the heat causes you to lose hunger-LISTEN TO THIS and avoid food until you get hungry.

  • Improper food combining is the #1 reason for indigestion and discomfort followed by over eating. So remember: meat takes the longest to digest-eat this early during the party and not past sunset. Fruit should be eaten alone! Save this for dessert later in the evening or for late night snacking.

  • Raw food is difficult to digest-watch how many carrots and veggies you're snacking on. Make sure there are a couple of hours between munching from the veggie tray and your dive into the buffet.

For the main meal, evaluate what you will really enjoy. Just because everything looks good does not mean you need to eat all of it. Try to limit your plate to three different foods. I know this can be hard, but decide how you want to feel later and go from there;)



Avoid carbonation and raw food. The sourness of lemonade would be good for you. Watch over-doing it on the fruit and sweets. A brownie would be great for dessert-heavy, dense and sweet or, fresh fruit.-NOT BOTH.


Pitta's stick to water. You can usually eat a lot and digest anything easily, BUT on a hot day your constitution is aggravated so, avoid hot and spicy food and spend time in the air conditioned house especially while eating and digesting. Choose ice cream cake to keep you cool.


Stick to water with lemon if you can find it. Lemonade is too sour for you. Avoid the mac and cheese, potato salad and pasta-it's too heavy and creamy. Choose the fresh fruit, or a cookie over ice cream cake.

Most importantly, enjoy your food. Take time to be grateful that others made this food for you and savor the time being with people you love and have missed. This is the sweetness of life!

Have fun!


P.S. Take a dosha quiz HERE

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