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Did you know VATA dosha is very HIGH right now as it governs the winter season? Vata qualities are accumulating in our bodies which can be another reason you might feel a bit "off".

As you may remember, VATA dosha is the combination of the AIR and SPACE elements and it's qualities are: dry, light, cold, rough, subtle, mobile and clear If you look out your window I bet you can see these very qualities showing up. Do you hear the mobile wind, do you see the cold, dry snow? If you want to know what dosha is building in your body at any time, look out your window. We are a part of nature, not separate from it.

During vata season your tissues are drying a bit more, your hair may feel dry, your nails might be cracking and you might be eliminating less or feel constipated as the bowel takes on these vata qualities. If we don't work to balance the body we may feel symptoms or fall ill. The three sites of Vata that become most aggravated at this time of year for my clients tend to be:

  1. Skin - dry, itchy, cracked and bleeding

  2. Head - ears-ringing, light headedness, vertigo, movement in the mind-anxiety, spaceyness.

  3. Bowel - constipation

Oil is your friend right now. I want you to grab some good quality oil LIKE THIS or THIS. Warm your oil in a bowl of hot water, and massage your entire body. This is called abhayanga. See how to do it here. This will feed the skin and nourish the entire body. It brings a sense of grounding which calms anxiety. If you can't see yourself doing an entire body massage, that's OK, just get oil on you! Simply oiling your arms, legs and face feels amazing. Remember, the skin is our biggest organ. When skin is cracked it's like an open door for germs to enter the blood and body. I like to use Nasya oil in my ears during this time which helps keep the cold from entering the head and aggravating vata dosha. You'll notice you feel less bothered by the cold when you use it. You can also use it to lubricate your nasal passages to prevent bloody noses in the winter months. Great for kids! Get HERE. Get oil in your food! Getting enough good quality oil in your diet is extremely important right now to keep elimination easy and regular. Be sure to get 2 teaspoons of ghee or another high quality oil like olive or avocado oil in you each day. Coconut oil is considered to have a cooling effect on the body and is not advised in cold winter months. As easy way to get this oil is by cooking it into your vegetables or grains. Get your ghee HERE. Organic Valley also makes a nice one and you can get this at most grocery stores. Ghee is not in the refrigerated section. You'll find it by the oils. Warm water only! Cold water slows down digestion and constricts the cells. Warm water is much more hydrating and will keep your systems happy and nourished. Sip warm water throughout the day. Coffee and tea can be astringent (pulls water out), so drink in moderation. A little lemon can flavor your water if you prefer more taste. Stay warm. If you have a drafty old house (like me) it's easy to get chilled fast. Keep your head and feet warm! Now, go get cozy, and spend some time taking good care of yourself.

MEDITATION FOR GOOD SLEEP Meditate with me each THURSDAY NIGHT 8:30-9PM Free Registration HERE! Live classes are back! Join live this Thursday at 10am CLICK HERE WANT THE RECORDING? You can click this LINK to go directly to last weeks yoga class recording. Consider buying a membership where all the recordings are included and you get 50% off live classes. CLICK HERE to purchase a membership or to buy your class packages. Let's Chat It's been wonderful to chat with so many of last week. I still need interviews for my research. If you would be so kind as to sign up for a 20 min. ZOOM call or phone call with me I would be so grateful. I'm asking questions around how you approach your health and wellness. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! CLICK HERE to schedule a time. Thank you so much for checking out PRACTICEWITHJULIE.COM and for your support! Reply to this message and let me know how you are and what you'd like to learn more about when it comes to Ayurveda? Be well, Julie

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