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What's happening friends? How was your week?

Today, is all about reminding you that your body holds wisdom.

Our cells, and our DNA are millennia older than our biological age. What we're made of, and how we've adapted, has evolved and grown stronger over thousands and thousands of years-not weaker. The body you are sitting in, whether you're in excellent health or are working with an illness, is working for you. Even when you feel like it's failing, it is doing it's very best. I share this because I feel like we, as a society, are so consumed with what is wrong with us, what we need to fix and heal, that we forget that this body we're lucky to inhabit, has wisdom far beyond what our brains can tell us. We need to trust its wisdom and intelligence. We need to let go just a little bit in order to be curious, and learn its language and honor it's intelligence.

This body you're in can kill bacteria, regrow bone, stop bleeding, regenerate cells, make another human, It can do things we can't even comprehend. Childbirth is the one time I think we all take pause to say "wow, the body is amazing" but, what about when it's hurting and suffering. Can we say, wow, look what my body is trying to do for me despite the diagnosis, illness or pain? There is protection happening. It's HOW WE SUPPORT the hard work the body is doing to stay alive that we could be focusing on. This includes, how we feed the body, how we talk to the body, and how we soothe body and mind. These things promote health and healing.

We have incredible modern medicine that can be used to great effect. But, sometimes we want to try other things, other modalities of healing, and this should be OK and encouraged. How many times have you allowed yourself to really listen to the messages your body is giving. Most of the time, we think we are listening, but if we're truly honest with ourselves we know we often listen when it's convenient for us to deal with the message. This goes back to crimes of the intellect which I talked about last week, which is one of the main causes for disease.

It's not always easy to simply listen to ourselves because it can be hard to decode the feedback. Plus, we can get so confused by the messages we see and hear about staying healthy in the media. Ayurveda gives you an understanding of how to read the signs and signals of your individual body. It gives you maps of the body to determine your constitution and then tells you how to work with it. It was only when I learned Ayurveda that I realized I had so much more control over my body than I ever imagined, and I could rely on my body, and trust my body, to let me know when more care is needed.

I am hear to help guide you with bits of wisdom from this incredible science so you can learn how to feel confident in caring for your precious, intelligent body.

Remind yourself to be gentle, care for your body as a temple. It is wise-treat it so.

Your body is intelligence. Your body is a warrior. Your body is art. Feed it love and allow it to do it's job.

Enjoy the beauty of spring this week! Cleveland is in full bloom.



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