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Sisters: Ayurveda & Yoga

Hello my ayurveds! I think I can call you that now that you're putting your new knowledge into practice. I love the feedback I'm getting on what you've tried and your incredible results. Please share more with me via email or post your comments on my social media @clevelandayurveda. Help inspire others! Getting to bed on time has proved wonderful for you folks! You're reporting more than just feeling rested but some of you said you're waking less in the night from pain, a few of you are seeing weight loss-YES, and one of you said you've noticed a calmer temperament. All big wins in an incredibly short period of time!!! How about the rest of you? Any good stories of trying a neti pot or making ghee? Before I dive into today's note, I want to know how you're doing? Are you ok? How's business, school, family, life? Take a moment here and reflect... If you're struggling remember, you're not alone. Send a text to a friend today and make plans to get together this week. You'll feel refreshed and reconnected. Your mental health is important. Take care of yourself.

Ayurveda &Yoga

Ayurveda is often referred to as yoga's sister science. Actually, both ayurveda and yoga stem from Sankhya philosophy (one of the six systems (darshans) of Indian philosophy. The goal of both are to eliminate pain and suffering. Ayurveda and yoga both work with practices that affect the physical, mental and spiritual body but, practices of Ayurveda focus mostly on the prevention and treatment of physical illness, while yoga is focused mostly on the discipline of the mind and senses. Most of us identify yoga with the physical postures or, asana, but asana is only one limb on the 8 limbed path. Ayurveda paves a smooth road towards the practices of yoga. Pandit Rajmani Tingunait explains, "According to the Yoga Sutra (1.2 Vyasa’s commentary), there are five states of mind: disturbed, distracted, stupefied, one-pointed, and well controlled. The body and mind are intertwined, and ordinarily those in the first three states of mind are not in good physical condition. Yoga, as the great masters in the past intended it to be practiced, can be undertaken only after both body and mind are healthy and balanced." Ayurveda prepares the body for yoga. These two practices fit perfectly together. So, if you find you're struggling in your yoga practice, (i.e. getting to your mat regularly) or you're having pain, discomfort or loss of the energy you need to do your yoga, ayurveda can really help you. If you've been hesitant to make an appointment with me, don't worry. Contact me for a FREE 30 min. consultation and I can help you determine what kind of consult will be best for you. Gift certificates are now available and good for 6 months. Start dropping hints to those looking for something unique to get you this year or buy one for a friend. Zoom consults are also available. OUR MAY RETREAT IS NOW ON SALE! VERY LIMITED SPACE SIGN UP TODAY! Have a wonderful week. ~Julie

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