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Dents in the Nails

Hi friends! Do you remember way back I did a post about what your nails say about your health? Nails are another "map" we use in ayurveda to access a clients health. If you missed it click HERE.

Well, my daughter came to me this week and said "hey, mom...what do dents in your thumbnail mean again?" Sure enough, a month-and-a-half past her COVID illness her nails indicated the stress her body was under at that time by revealing these dents on her thumb nails (photo above).

Dents in the nail can and will happen with any deep illness, not just COVID. If you recently had a surgery you will see this too. These dents can show up 1-3 months after illness. There is nothing to worry about UNLESS the dents don't go away, in which case it could indicate a more serious problem. For example, it could indicate a thyroid issue or a developing problem in another organ or system, so it's best to get a consult in order to nip any possible illness in the bud. Remember, once you have symptoms, illness has taken hold and things are much harder to cure. Getting to the root cause early gives you the fasted chance at regaining your health. And, simply knowing you can use your nails as an indicator of the current state of your health should feel empowering!

Now, go check out those nails and reach out if I can help.

Have a wonderful week. You deserve it!


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