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Ayurvedic Perspective on Chocolate

What's your Favorite Chocolate?

Hi everyone! We've finally dug out from all the snow here in Cleveland. What's it like these days where you are?

Valentine's Day is next week, and for many it's a great time for eating delicious chocolates! What's your fancy? Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate covered fruit or nuts? So many choices!

What's the Ayurvedic Perspective on Chocolate?

Is chocolate good or bad for you? The answer always DEPENDS. It depends on many things like; your dosha balance or imbalance, how strong your digestion is, if you are stressed or anxious, even how much you're craving it (remember, CRAVING anything always indicates an imbalance). If you crave chocolate it's usually the sweet or bitter taste you are looking for (the sweet taste is not present in cacao. The sweet you taste is the sugar added to the chocolate).

If your doshas are in balance (meaning you feel good) enjoy any kind of chocolate... in moderation.

If you are out of balance (craving it) ask what taste you are craving is it the sweet or the bitter? if you are congested and feeling heavy in your body, go for bitter as it is more drying than milk chocolate. If you are anxious, avoid cacao because it contains more caffeine. A chocolate covered juicy fruit would be better than a nut if you are feeling dry.

Of course, this note is really just to help you to keep thinking about the qualities of the doshas a little more. Eating a bit of any kind of chocolate you like should be enjoyed... in moderation.

And if you seek and crave sweets all the time you might ask yourself "where is the sweetness in my life?". This can be an interesting perspective on what is really needed.

Don't deprive yourself of the sweetness of life, my friends!

Have a delicious week!


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