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Ayurveda & Routines

Hi friends!

How do you feel about routines?

According to Ayurveda, our particular dosha make-up (how much fire, air, space, earth and water) we're composed of are indicators as to:

  • What we will need to create balance

  • How we will approach things mentally

  • When we will need to start our routines

Our tendencies will determine our success starting and keeping routines. This is why there is no ONE way to approach them.

Dinacharya (Ayurvedic daily routine) is a pillar to good health. The body thrives on routine. Our body clock relies on our daily routines to create balance and harmony amoungst it's many systems. Understanding how we approach the idea of a routine can help a lot in our health and healing.

Pittas- You're solid with your routines. You have no problems setting them, sticking with them and loving them- the problem is, you tend to get aggravated when anything disrupts the routine.

Vatas- You struggle with the idea of a routine. You like to be free, and vary things in your day. You may like the idea of routines because you know you feel good when you stick to them but, it's difficult to stay consistent and it doesn't feel natural.

Kaphas- Routines can be tough to start, but once you do, you stick with them. You find it difficult to adjust your routines when needed and you don't like the change at first.

Do you see how you approach routines reflects your individual dosha? Why you may love or hate routines? It may be your nature to have more fluctuation in your routines or to have regimented ones. You know how you "are"...BUT, Ayurveda explains "why" you are that way and gives you tools to find setting and keeping routines easy.

How your routine is set will be determined by your doshic tendencies. For example, you may need more support grounding your routine if you're Vata. Understanding that you will vary your routine seasonally can be a welcome idea to those who like change.

On the flip side, Pitta's need a little more help in understanding how to work with change and yet still feel in control.

And, Kaphas will need help getting change started.

Your daily, and seasonal routines are a staple to good physical and mental health. Fall in Cleveland is THE most important time to set a solid routine.

When you notice the first red leaf, that's Mother Nature's cue to start planning your fall routine and thinking about what and how you'll change your routines to align with the seasonal shift. When we're not in synch with nature that's when we're most vulnerable to illness hence, the dreaded seasonal cold.

If you need help call me today! 216-501-1465 or bookonline.

Have a great week,


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